We instill trust in our customers and business partners in Central America and around the world

GRAMAR is a conglomerate of diverse companies that focuses on developing new business and investment opportunities for its subsidiaries and business partners.

GRAMAR is grounded in the firm’s core values of integrity and ethics. This solid foundation outlines the standards to strengthen customer relationships and attract commercial partners that achieve a measureable competitive advantage.

GRAMAR operates in Central America and the United States. We focus on three key areas:


  1. Construction Services
  2. Real Estate Development
  3. Real Estate Asset Management

Our Mission

The mission of the Gramar Group is to identify and develop new business and investment opportunities. We encourage our business partners to embrace and pursue long-term sustainability with respect to the triple bottom line to better serve not only people and the planet but also generate profits.

Our Vision

The vision of the Gramar Group is to provide an innovative and ethical value proposition that promotes proactive leadership and sustainable growth with our customers and commercial partners.

Our Impact

  • We operate in four Central American countries and the United States.
  • We have 30 years of real estate development experience in Central America.
  • Over 1,776,045 square feet of industrial space serving the logistics, aeronautical, textile, serigraph printing, and electronics industries.
  • Created more than 16,000 jobs.
  • 20 years experience in the regional construction industry.
  • Built 2 golf courses.
  • Over 400 urbanized Ha for residential projects.
  • Over 538,195 square feet industrial facility catering to the life sciences, advanced electronics, and logistics industries.
  • We have pioneered solar energy in El Salvador, Central America generating over 3.1 GWh every year.